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Elon Musk

Launch that Tesla

Re: “Musk to send Tesla to Mars on SpaceX rocket — Critics see it as a publicity stunt, think he should send satellites instead,” Monday Business story.

Critics of Elon Musk who think he should loft a NASA satellite into orbit instead of sending a Tesla auto to Mars are missing the point. If he successfully launches one of his cars on his own Falcon Heavy rocket, it will be an amazing feat that will garner his automobile company and SpaceX loads of free publicity, something that just another satellite could never do.

Actually, the real objection to Musk’s plan is that he is slightly out of sync with the universe because it falls just one step short of genius; like a concert pianist who is half a beat off the orchestra’s tempo.

Suppose, instead of a Tesla, he landed a 1957 Buick Roadmaster on Mars. Forget car sales. Musk would achieve an artistic immortality that would make Christo, Claes Oldenburg and maybe even the ghosts of Gustave Eiffel and the Cadillac Ranch’s Stanley Marsh 3 weep with envy.

Holmes Brannon, Plano

Republican con job on taxes

What hypocrites Republicans are! After years of lugubrious posturing about the evils of deficit spending, they reveal their craven willingness to obey their puppet masters — the non-elected major money donors. The imperative that Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and our Texas senators claimed to pass as “tax reform” boiled down to an act of fealty to the donors who threaten them with primary challenges.

Polls have shown that voters understand this is not “tax reform” — it is a huge windfall for a small group at the top of the economic food chain. It guarantees the hardening for the inequitable distribution of wealth and, even more gobsmackingly hypocritical, they are trying to “sell” it as a jobs and middle-class tax relief bill!

During the Obama administration, Republicans wept copious crocodile tears about how the Democrats were spending the country into the poor house. They promised that they would do better. Instead, they have stopped their ears to objective economic facts and done what their “owners” bid. Voters all over the country have been trying to tell elected representatives for years that we want cooperative legislation. I will be working hard to vote out Republicans in 2018.

Barbara Otto, Rowlett

Deficit just a punch line

From this point forward, the only proper response to a Republican Party politician who mentions the budget deficit should be hysterical laughter.

Mark McDonald, Dallas/Lake Highlands

Condemn revolting behavior

Re: “Change in ‘Year of Groper’ — Solutions, not vengeance, are the way forward,” Dec. 1 Editorials.

If you are an octogenarian, you were born at a time when political correctness was unnecessary because it was an innate feature of humanity. In that case, you find what is happening today offensive, revolting, repulsive, disgusting or abhorrent. Pick your adjective. They all fit if you share principles and values we should have grown up with. No matter who’s next, we won’t be surprised anymore.

It’s time for every form of media to intervene and collectively condemn the comments and actions of so-called entertainers, swamp creatures, movie stars, professional athletes and others of prominence.

James F. Van Gilder, Rockwall

How does Trump get a pass?

Along with several media stars, several leading government figures are being pressured to resign following allegations of sexual misconduct. There is an elephant in the room: Donald Trump. How does he get a pass when we have audiovisual proof of his claims? Do people really believe that this was only locker-room braggadocio? In all the ways he violates the dignity of his office, this should take center stage.

Robert Wood, Irving

Pension fiasco is shameful

Re: “Pension heroes saved the city,” by Mitchell Schnurman, Dec. 3 Business column.

Really? The real Texans of the Year are the police and firefighters who had their life savings stolen from them in this shameful pension fiasco. Wake up, Dallas!

Linda C. Parrish, Rockwall

Keep the presses running

Please continue printing the newspaper and the e-edition. I no longer watch television news as I cannot tolerate entities that are “Trump” all the time.

The Dallas Morning News does an excellent job reporting local, state, national and especially international news. I don’t care that you subscribe to other news services and reprint their articles. The paper still does excellent reporting with the few journalists remaining on staff, and I appreciate the local columnists. Keep up the good work.

Judy LeDoux, Northwest Dallas

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